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Sunset Hills Lego Club

Sunset Hills Lego Club Rules and Guidelines

Last Updated: 04/16/2024


Students, coaches and volunteers, as members of the Sunset Hills Lego Club, have the privilege of working and playing with Lego, robotics, computers, our friends, and participating in special activities/field trips.  But with these privileges, we also have responsibilities - If we follow the Sunset Hills Lego Club rules and guidelines, we can all have fun and actively participate in the Sunset Hills Lego Club.  😊

Code of Conduct

Follow the same rules as we are supposed to do in school, in the classroom, with our teachers. 


Respect Yourself – Take pride in your work, encourage yourself, work hard…

Respect Others – Encourage others, share, be fair, use your manners.  Respect your teachers/coaches.

Respect Property – Take care of the Legos, Lego creations, computers, the classroom, etc..

Be Responsible

Be Safe


Be a person of Character.  

Be a good role model and representative of the Sunset Hills Lego Club.  Work together to take care of the club for the present and the future.


Treat the Lego with Respect

Keep the Lego clean.  Make sure you wash your hands/use hand sanitizer before using the Lego.  Do not put Lego in your mouth.  Please use the Orange Lego “Brick Separator” tool.  Do not throw Lego.  Be gentle with the wires, plugs, and electronics of the Robotics/Kits.  If you come across Lego that need cleaning or perhaps need to be separated or thrown away, please give them to the head coordinator on the day of the meeting.   

All Lego are not to be taken home, borrowed, or kept even if you really, really like a Lego piece and "it’s just 1!"  All materials and supplies are considered property of Sunset Hills Lego Club.  Thank you.

Intentional abuse of Lego or Robotics/Kits may result in a fee to replace parts.

Use the Lightbulb Lab and Innovation Space/Library with Respect

We are guests of the Lightbulb Lab and Library. Follow the rules of the Lightbulb Lab and Library.  No running, no horsing or playing around.  Use classroom, inside voices.  No food or drinks.  Leave the space in better shape than when we came.

Use the Outdoor Spaces with Respect

Even though we may be outside, please use your classroom voices and act with respect toward the general school environment. 

Treat the Chromebooks with Respect

Take good care of the Chromebooks.  The Chromebooks are only to be used for activities that have to do with Lego Club activities of the day.  In other words, unrelated games, videos, etc. are not allowed.   

COVID-19 Protocols/Safety
1) All volunteers must comply with school rules regarding Covid-19 vaccination/testing and masking (even when outdoors) when working with students.  The standard PUSD volunteer requirements shall also be followed. 
2) Activities/Interactions will follow general volunteer rules applicable to Sunset Hills Elementary.
3) Students will be asked to use hand sanitizer or wash their hands in the restroom before starting their work.

6) Students/families must notify us of any absences, including COVID-19 illness.

Problem Solving STEPs/Conflict Resolution

One of the main goals of the Lego League is to learn how to work together and resolve conflicts in a safe and respectful way.  The STEP method is the process that is encouraged and used at Sunset Hills.  We will use this method in Lego Club as well.

S – SAY THE PROBLEM (without blame)
Blaming: “He never lets me have a turn.”

No Blame: “I feel frustrated because I haven’t had a chance to use that minifigure.”

Blaming: “She isn’t playing fairly.”

No Blame: “We can’t agree on the rules of the game.”


T – THINK OF SOLUTIONS (safe and respectful)

Encourage the students to share and listen to each other’s ideas.  A good solution is ALWAYS safe and respectful

  • Wait and cool off

  • Go to another game/task

  • Talk it out

  • Share and take turns

  • Ignore it

  • Tell them to stop

  • Apologize

  • Make a deal

  • Rock-Paper-Scissors

E – EXPLORE THE CONSEQUENCES (What would happen if…)

Encourage the students to think about how each person involved would feel about the possible solutions.  Everyone may not be happy, but does it feel fair?


P- PICK THE BEST SOLUTION (make your plan)

After exploring the consequence of the possible solutions, everyone should agree on trying the solution that they feel is most fair and respectful of everyone’s feelings.  If it doesn’t work, try another!

Sometimes we may be unable to get the students to resolve the situation in this manner.  If needed, we may try other methods, such as giving the student(s) some quiet, alone time, getting him/her a snack or drink, or letting him/her do a different activity (like read).  After 10-15 minutes or so, we will see if he/she is able to return to the group.  If the student continues to have a hard time, we will contact the parent/guardian to pick the child up early.  We will use incident reports for belligerent students or injuries. 

Coaches and Volunteers

Sunset Hills Lego Club coaches are volunteers.  All coaches and volunteers are to abide by the school rules regarding volunteering on campus, which includes registering under Megan’s Law, a current TB test (negative reading), appropriate COVID-19 vaccine/test, and agreement with our Sunset Hills Lego Club Rules and Guidelines document.  All Lego Club activities will be held on campus during announced meeting times.  Communications between the student and coach will be done through the parent’s contact information.

ESS Students Drop-Off and Pick-up

Students should check-in with ESS as usual after school.  ESS will provide them their snack in the cafeteria as usual.  During this snack period, students are expected to have their snack and use the restroom as needed.

After snack time, students from ESS who are going to Lego Club will join the other Lego Club students at the designated area on campus.  

After the team activities end at about 4:25pm, Lego Club volunteers will walk ESS students back to ESS for check-in.  Parents should pick up their ESS students at ESS as usual. 

Pick-Up (for non-ESS students)

Please sign-out your student every meeting day at 4:30pm just outside the main school gate.

Failure to pick up your child on time will result in a warning.  Continued tardiness serves as grounds for dismissal from the Lego Club.  Thank you for respecting our volunteers’ time.


Our calendar of meetings may be available on our website at  

Daily Schedule (Rough Schedule)

3:15pm – 3:30pm

  • Check-in and Snack at Designated Check-in and Snack Meeting Location (ESS Students see above)

  • Restroom Opportunity

  • Hand washing

  • Go to Designated Lego Activity Location

3:30pm – 4:15pm Lego Club Building Activities

4:15pm – Cleanup


  • Walk ESS students back to ESS and check them back into ESS

  • Walk other students to front of school for parent check-out and pick-up.  Lego Club volunteer will stay with students until all students are picked up.  Please pick up your child on time.


Please let us know if your child will be absent from Lego Club so that we can account for all the children.  Thank you.  Email:


Sunset Hills Lego Club reserves the right to refuse participation of any coach, volunteer, or student for multiple/ frequent or serious disruption to the Lego Club environment or failure to abide by the rules, guidelines, and requirements of Sunset Hills Lego Club, the Sunset Hills Elementary PTA, and Sunset Hills Elementary School.    The rules, guidelines, and requirements include, but are not limited to, what is written in this document.   

Contact Information

The best way to reach the Sunset Hills Lego Club Chair Casey Chan-Ruthenbeck is by emailing sunsetlegoclub@gmail.comYou may also call 858-215-3572.

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